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The world’s premier destination for holistic communication and inner peace [B2B, B2G]
Welcome to Seoul International Institute (SII), where we use strategic communication to guide corporate and political leaders towards truth, kindness, and integrity. Our entry into Seoul’s commercial real estate market reflects our commitment to financial well-being.

Our Specialization

At SII, we specialize in curating B2B and B2G well-being workshops tailored to empower corporate C-level leadership through comprehensive corporate well-being programs. Explore the transformative power of our workshops and unlock your organization’s full potential with Seoul International Institute.

Sharing Communication Strategy Grounded in Spiritual, Psychological, and Emotional Intelligence

Curating Well-Being Workshops with International Ph.D. Scholars & Business Experts

Connecting Global Community of Conscious Business Experts, Startup Ecosystem, & Investors

Accelerating Korean Startup Founders to Impact on Global Stage to Secure Funding and Raise ROI

Key Benefits:


International C-level clients

100 years +

Of combined experience


Of depth, transpersonal psychology


International publications

Take Your Business to the next Level

Keynote Speakers

Speakers focuses on insights for company well-being strategies

Stress Management

Reducing stress effectively with 15 years of know-how insights

Well-Being Workshop

With Stanford Medical School Professor Dr. Fred Luskin, and more

Startup Accelerator

Accelerating the success of Korean startup founders, bridging Korea and Silicon Valley

Transform Your Company Culture Today! Welcome to the conscious movement and unlock the true potential of your employees.


If your company is ready to invest in well-being workshop for ehnaced ROI, productivity, and happiness index of your employees.
If your company is ready to have a healing dialogue as a community for increased team cohesion.


– Happy employees
– Practical strategies for cultivating daily well-being
– Harmonious working culture
– Work-life balance
– Increased ROI
– Lower turnover rate
– Maintenance of top talent

Problem: Low productivity levels attributing to a low-quality working culture among employees.

Solution: Strategically enhance the work culture for improved productivity levels, ROI, and team cohesion. 


Eun J. Lee’s OPIc English test-taking strategy lecture is relevant, vivid, and practical. I’m getting a lot of value from her English class.
Samsung VP, Mr. Hyun
Eun J. Lee is not only a business English teacher but also a mind consultant. I feel calm with her.
Financial Regulatory Authority Director, Brian
Eun J. Lee has a thorough understanding of human psychology at a very deep level. I've learned from hearing her speak on the soul, body, and mind health connection and how we, as people, need to improve this to benefit not just ourselves but those around us. She is an expert in my mind.
High Performance Executive Coach, Dr. Conor Hogan

CEO and Advisors

Eun Jung LEE 이

Eun J. Lee is the CEO of the Seoul International Institute and a descendant of Korea's Fourth King, King Sejong. She has coached at Samsung SDS, CFO of SK, CISO of S Oil, and VP of Samsung. 이은정은 서울국제협회의 대표이자 대한민국 제4대 왕 세종의 후손입니다. 삼성 SDS에서 코치로 일한 경력과 SK의 CFO, S Oil의 CISO, 삼성의 부사장을 코칭합니다.

Saskia Verraes

Saskia Varraes is the founder of Match4Action, actively engaged in accelerating innovation and social impact, while pursuing steadfast leadership in innovation. Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Alumni. 사스키아는 Match4Action의 창립자로 혁신과 사회적 영향을 가속화하는 활동을 하고 있으며 꾸준한 혁신 리더십을 추구합니다. 스탠포드 대학 경영 대학원 LEAD 졸업생.

Helio Mosquim Jr.

Helio Mosquim Junior serves as a global business partner at Vale, actively involved in IT and finance sectors, leading innovation and change. Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Alumni. 핼리오는 Vale의 글로벌 비즈니스 파트너로서 IT 및 금융 분야에서 활동하며 혁신과 변화를 주도하고 있습니다. 스탠포드 대학 경영 대학원 LEAD 졸업생.

Our Team

Dr. Fred Luskin

Dr. Fred Luskin, as the founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, has developed and taught "happiness classes" based on principles of positive psychology. He also serves as a professor in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, conducting lectures on "Mindfulness and Happiness. 프레드박사님은 스탠퍼드 대학교 용서 프로젝트의 창립자로서 긍정 심리학 원리를 기반으로 한 "행복 수업"을 개발하고 가르쳤으며, 스탠포드 경영대학교 직무 교육 프로그램의 교수로 활동하며 "마음의 안정과 행복"에 관한 강의를 진행합니다.

Dr. Kathleen Kirgin

Dr. Kathleen Kirgin, a management consultant with global experience, supports C-level executives and entrepreneurs in enhancing performance and acquiring leadership skills. She focuses on healing cultural traumas and intergenerational wounds. 케서린박사님은 글로벌 경험을 가진 경영 컨설턴트로 C-레벨 지도자와 기업가에게 성과 향상 및 리더십 기술 습득을 지원하며, 문화적 외상과 세대 간 상처의 치유에 중점을 둡니다.

Dr. Gordon Chiu

Dr. Gordon Chiu is renowned as a pioneer in the field of graphene research, co-authoring 41 international patents and contributing significantly as a scientist in the field of graphene applications. He advocates for fostering a happy work culture. 골돈 박사님은 그래핀 연구 분야의 선구자로 국제 특허 41건을 공동 저술하고 그래핀 응용 분야에서 기여한 과학자로 유명합니다. 행복한 직장 문화 조성을 지지합니다.


Seoul, Korea Korean Royal Family Association Community

Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Community

International PhD Scholar Entrepreneur Community

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Empowering C-level leadership through impactful communication, fostering conscious evolution and inner peace [B2B, B2G].
At Seoul International Institute (SII), we believe in using strategic communication to guide corporate and political leaders toward truth, kindness, and integrity.

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The world’s premier destination for holistic communication and inner peace [B2B, B2G]

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